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Consolidated Plastics Live at WFMU tape

Consolidated Plastics
Sounds like a business
3 piece rock art noise pop is whats made
Heard in a stream Undancing in the Dirt via WFMU app
Wanted it tangible, so we asked
Now available to shove in the slot of your cassette machine
Press play to behold 
50 copies

Postage included for Australia ONLY
Other countries please email for rates

Exiles from Clowntown - tape scissors rock lp

Track list

01. Space Today
02. Tremblo
03. Out of Nowhere
04. La La La
05. Original Thort
06. Fast One
07. Around the Corner
08. One Regret
09. Something Somewhere
10. Dropout
11. Quiet One
12. Whistling Assassin

$20 ppd within australia

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U.S.A. soft abuse
U.K. juno 
Japan/Asia jetset 
                                          from: Bull Tongue #2

exiles in melbourne

greatdividing interview on blastitude

pho/faux band 10" lathe cut


Lathe cut by Peter King on the south island of New Zealand on clear 10" polycarbonate.

Two 11 minute long tracks recorded at separate times in different places by the same two blokes.

Not sure how to describe this, but then thats not really our job...is it?
Heres a few words Hypnotic Chaotic Random Repetition

Indoorsman Records says: Lovely untutored repeato-strings. Hypnosis or patience test?

60 copies in olde style green paper sleeves stamped with red paint.

postage included - choose location

Exies from Clowntown: live

Brendon Annesley R.I.P.

'All the wrong people are dying'

Brendon with Meat Thump at greatdividing night Clovelly Bowlo Easter Saturday 2011

3 toed sloth negative guest list jukebox single #2

Mitch Cardwell Maximum Rock'n'Roll  march 2012

A/ Gary Glitter - I didn't know I loved you (till I saw you Rock & Roll) 
B/ Pere Ubu - Non Alignment Pact
 recorded in '93 same session as '...against the odds' dbl 7" in the last year of the band. 

postage included - choose location

3 toed sloth '...against the odds' 2x7"

...against the odds
"Six previously unreleased tracks from the dark ages of sydney in the early 90's a time when record shops, fanzines, small labels & venues were in their death throes if not already dead. Recorded live to 1/2" tape on a monday evening in early '93 by William a young fan then doing a recording engineers course who offered 3 toed sloth a free session at his TAFE college studio. The intended 7" never happened & the reels laid dormant in the bottom of a wardrobe for the next 17 years until Unwucht heard a rough mix taken from an old cassette tape & enthusiastically proposed releasing it. The 1/2" master was finally tracked down & mixed in september 2010. '...against the odds' is now proudly presented by Unwucht in a hand xeroxed gatefold sleeve including a full colour postcard."

Edition of 295 copies.

includes postage

buyers outside australia should go through UNWUCHT


reviews: tony rettman: Viceland 

exiles from clowntown 7" #2

200 copies hand stamped & hole punched.

whistling assassin

postage included - choose location

a range of greatdividing

cassette compilation of various greatdividing related stuff from as far back as 1989 & as recently as 2009.
an edition of 50 with individually hand stamped black on white covers with track listing on the reverse side.

postage paid - choose location

compilation cdr 
same track listing as cassette dd013  
hand stamped black on white paper sleeve.

sold out

a range of greatdividing lp

released by Unwucht of south germany in a great screen printed, die cut sleeve. 
same tracklisting as cassette / cdr dd013


postage included       temporarily unavailable

for this item buyers outside australia please order through UNWUCHT

exiles from clowntown 7" #1


something ...

more info

sold out

split 7"




more info

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soottyb cdr


 comes in standard jewel case  
track 3

postage paid - choose location

3 toed sloth lp

read a short history of 3 toed sloth here
 sold out

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*no mesons connection

spencer grady Record Collector #372

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 Your flesh #25 1992

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